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An ongoing series of crazy ideas put into action

Sock Puppets and Kids Camps

June 3, 2021

In March, someone left a bag with a note on our office door. Inside, we found 4 sock puppets with a note with the challenge to use the puppets in one of our videos. They sat on our shelf for quite a while until the right project came along. Fast forward to mid-May and the request to create a video promoting all the summer camps happening at the HUB – the perfect time to use the puppets! Matthias got to work creating the script, Jessica spent a few days constructing costumes and set pieces. A puppet theatre came to life in the studio.

The past two weeks have been a fun time at work. Wizard magic, dinosaur chases and explosions all took place, with socks on our hands and laughter in the air.

Some of Matthias’ ideas were a logistical nightmare – good thing we had Trorry on hand with movie-making experience and Jessica on hand with a theatre background.

Add in a green screen, smoke machine and a jungle set and you are all set. 

So thanks to that “anonymous” challenge. We hope you enjoy the finished product, and that there is at least one camp that interests your kids this summer! We know we are all looking forward to participating!  


Random Acts of Kindness

Feb 2021

What happens when the HUB Online Network receives a grant to perform Random Acts of Kindness in the community?  27 people receive something special after they have been nominated by someone, 10 random people get stopped on the street right before Christmas and are given a gift bag with some fun goodies in it, an unsuspecting gentlemen gets his groceries paid for, the Equality Project receives some much needed toiletries for their members,77 people celebrate Blue Monday with a free lunch and 52 people enjoy lunch on us through St. Alban's weekly Soup's on.  

Just before Christmas, HONta Claus headed out to deliver some Christmas cheer to those people that had been nominated for an Act of Kindness.  Gifts included gift certificates to Revelations, local restaurants and Safety Mart foods as well as gift bags filled with special items to bring a smile to the receiver's face.  We even delivered Chinese food to someone!

Thanks to BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program, and the Elizabeth Fry Society

Watch the videos on out YouTube Channel! 

Christmas Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Game Show Week at the HUB Online Network

October 2020

To celebrate Gambling Awareness Week, The HUB Online Network hosted 3 game shows over the course of the week.  

Contestants joined us virtually to take part in Trade Up!, Quiz Show and COVID Bubble Battle.  

Trade Up! had contestants deciding whether they wanted to keep their current prize or possibly trade up to something bigger!  At the end of each round, the player with the prizes worth the most had the chance to play for the final prize.  All three of our finalists picked the right door, revealing the BIG prize, which had them win all the prizes behind all three doors!

Quiz Show had contestants using their brains to answer trivia questions in a Jeopardy style game show.

COVID Bubble Battle required families, or COVID Bubbles to play as a team to battle against another family in this Family Feud Style Game.  

In total, we gave away more than $3000 in prizes, all from local businesses to the 40 contestants that joined us. 

Thanks to BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program

You can watch all three shows on our YouTube Channel!

Trade UP!


COVID Bubble Battle

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