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Media Release January 12, 2022

The Board of the Ashcroft Hub Society announces that Vicky Trill has resigned for personal reasons as the Executive Director of the Ashcroft Hub Society and that Jessica Clement has been appointed as the interim Executive Director. The Board thanks Vicky for the incredible contributions that she has made both to the Society as well to local communities. Vicky co-founded the Ashcroft Hub Society in 2015 and has worked tirelessly to create a truly relevant, valuable and impactful centre for community and a beacon for wellness, recreation and the arts. She will be missed and the Board wishes her all the best in her future endeavours.

The Board wishes to welcome Ms Clement as the interim Executive Director. Jessica has worked as a volunteer and as staff for the Ashcroft Hub society for more than three years and in that time she has provided leadership in a variety of areas including technology, marketing, program development and community collaboration. Jessica has extensive expertise and experience in community building including her leadership and contributions in Winding Rivers Arts and Performance Society, the Ashcroft and District Fall Fair and as Literacy Coordinator. The Board looks forward to working together with Ms Clement to ensure that the Ashcroft Hub continues to provide valuable programs and services for local communities.

At the Tuesday, January 5th meeting of the Board of Education for School District No. 74 it was approved to proceed with the disposal process for the building that the Ashcroft HUB currently leases. The first step in a building disposal process according the school board’s policies is to complete a consultation process. The consultation process has not yet been announced; however, it is expected that by January 8th, 2021, community should be informed of the process and the timeline to receive community input.

During the School District’s disposal process, the Ashcroft HUB will continue to provide services as always. The board of directors at the Ashcroft HUB are diligently working on a long-term plan to ensure that the HUB continues to serve communities now and into the future.

We ask that community continue to support the Ashcroft HUB as you always have and to provide your feedback to the school district once the process is announced.


FROM The Ashcroft HUB Society

DATE: January 6, 2021

Re: School District Building Disposal Process

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